Waterfront Precinct Proposal: Feedback Form

    Note: This feedback form may be included in a Communication and Stakeholder Engagement Report to the project proponent, Dexus, and the State Government.


    Why do you go to the Waterfront Place/Eagle Street Pier precinct (Waterfront Precinct)? Select all that apply:


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    The proposal

    Dexus has been given approval by the Queensland Government to investigate the feasibility of redeveloping the Eagle Street Pier complex and surrounds, rejuvenating the broader area into a premium business and leisure destination (to be called Waterfront Precinct). More detail can be found here: www.waterfrontprecinct.com.au

    The ambition is to revitalise Brisbane’s premier dining hub and give back the waterfront to the Brisbane community, creating a place that celebrates Brisbane’s sub-tropical climate and delivers a global-standard business address and tourist destination in the heart of the CBD.

    The proposal includes 1.5 hectares of public and riverfront open space, including shaded public terraces stepping down to the river, and an improved Riverwalk section that would continue the alignment along the river with the botanic gardens Riverwalk project. The mixed-use precinct would also incorporate two new towers on the Eagle Street Pier site, with the potential for commercial, residential apartments, a hotel and retail spaces.

    There is the opportunity to reconfigure the way vehicle and pedestrian traffic moves through the precinct. A section of Eagle Street is proposed to be closed to vehicles to create a shaded, pedestrian and cyclist-friendly environment.



    Do you have any suggestions about how precinct might be improved?


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